General GP services

Health check-up /
Preventive check-up

Examination and counselling


Thyroid gland
Abdominal organs
Carotid arteries


Exercise ECG
Long-term ECG
Long-term blood pressure measurement

Pulmonary function test

Respiratory flow measurements
Determinations of the lung capacity


Vaccination advice
Vaccination certificate

Psyhosomatic therapy

Treatment with consideration of the physical, mental and social factors

Naturopathy & Physiotherapy

Alternative healing methods
Strengthening the immune system

Dietary advice / Mayer therapy

Nutritional therapy
Purification / Detox
Intestinal rehabilitation

Occupational health services

Information of the results
Proof of health suitability

Ms König Tel.: 069-530 59 811

Medical fitness examinations for the driving licence

Bus, taxi, rental car, limousine service, truck, boat licence,
G25 Driving and steering activities,
G37 Display screen

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